Trade Show 101: Bootleg at the Minnesota Golf Show

Last week, we talked about the importance of nailing your appearance at a trade show for your company through strategy, high-quality graphics and collateral. The best marketers know that a successful trade show appearance means building brand recognition and generating leads.

When it comes to trade shows, we capitalize on the appearance by making sure your company and the show are a proper match. In order to ensure that, a lot of moving parts have to be executed in harmony. That was the case for another of SCG’s clients – 19th Hole Ventures – at the 2017 Minnesota Golf Show.

A Match Made in Industry Heaven

Their premier product, Bootleg, also known as Minnesota’s Signature Drink™, is a refreshing, cocktail-inspired malt beverage with lemon, lime and a hint of mint. We knew through our BrandVision™ process, we wanted the brand to convey a feeling of vacation, relaxation and summer activities. Of those activities, near the top of the list was golf. What could pair better with a warm day playing golf with friends than an ice-cold bottle of Bootleg?

Our brand vision led us to reach out to the 2017 Minnesota Golf Show to find a potential relationship. Every year, anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000 golf fans gather at the Minneapolis Convention Center over a three-day period to bask in all things golf. New products are tested, goodies are given away and a good time can be found in the 19th Hole Lounge, an area where show-goers can relax away from the hubbub with an adult beverage.

The reason these two things seem to go hand in hand is because they do – the best trade show appearance comes from a no-brainer relationship that benefits both parties, like the one resulting in the 19th Hole Lounge presented by 19th Hole Venture’s Bootleg!

Getting All Your Ducks in a Row

Once the partnership was established with the Minnesota Golf Show, the process of getting the Bootleg brand to work in tandem with the show began. That meant covering a few bases to make the appearance sparkle.

First, we wanted to get the attention of the people attending the event. We worked alongside the golf show folks to determine the best position to hang signs featuring beautiful product shots of Bootleg, courtesy of our in-house photographer, Ryan Pederson. The final product resulted in high-quality, large format signs hung at the front and the back of the 19th Hole Lounge with the single goal: get attendees to ask, “Where can I get one of those?”

We wanted to be able to answer that question for them instantly, so we worked with the Minneapolis Convention Center’s catering company to arrange sampling of Minnesota’s Signature Drink. This show provides an excellent opportunity to get the product in front as many people as possible. Sampling is a proven tactic in a lower volume venue like retail stores, so the Golf Show allows us to get on the leader board in terms of consumer recall next time they think golf and beverage.

Working with multiple parties can get complicated. At SCG we simplify the complicated by taking a spark of an idea to create something special and watch our clients soar. It’s worth the effort for a stellar presentation at an engaging event.

If you’re interested in standing out at your industry event or trade show, shoot me an email. We’d love to work with you.

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