How to Use Facebook Promotions as a Recruiting Tool

The manufacturing industry has seen its ups and downs in the last handful of years. For Minnesota, though, the industry has seen an uptick. According to a recent Star Tribune story, jobs are plentiful but companies are struggling to fill them. In tandem with integrated marketing programs, SCG is using social media to help clients meet their recruiting needs.

Social media is a very effective tool to connect with people on a deeper level than conventional channels. Because of this, Facebook promotions easily reach a targeted audience to achieve a specific goal. Facebook’s huge user base coupled with its robust targeting features make it a powerful recruiting tool for employers.

One of our very successful manufacturing clients often has multiple job openings. To help their recruiting efforts, we craft targeted Facebook promotions to advertise available positions in the company. By spending just $135 over the past several months, we helped them reach more than 20,000 people and fill numerous job openings.

Below are three important aspects to take into account for creating effective Facebook promotions.

Know Your Audience

In order to become a master recruiter, it’s vital to know your audience. When your primary goal is to get eyeballs on ads, a Facebook promotion is only as good as it’s reach and–obviously–the greater the reach the better. Facebook allows marketers to select who to target based on things like location, age and interests.

facebook targeting

For this particular client, we identified surrounding communities and targeted the area a reasonable distance away. For your convenience, you can save your audience so that you don’t have to calibrate it every time. But don’t rest on your laurels–be sure to assess your goals and adjust your targeted audience accordingly.

Compelling Visuals & Messaging is Key

People won’t click on your promotion if it doesn’t catch their eye. Facebook feeds are filled with information and it’s all too easy to scroll past your post. Avoid eyes glazing over by pairing a great image–not blurry, proportional to the auto-populated link–with compelling copy. Be short and snappy; people don’t want to read multiple paragraphs. If you haven’t captured their interest after the first few sentences, you’ve lost them.

facebook visuals

See how pretty that is? Look at it. I dare you not to click on that. I dare you.

Have a Defined Budget

The days of organic reach on Facebook are over. You won’t find meaningful success without opening the wallet. Depending on your goals, you’ll want to determine how long your Facebook promotions will run and how far-reaching you want them to be. Below is an example of money spent on a Facebook post that we promoted over a weekend for our manufacturing client. It wasn’t long before the applications started coming in.

facebook budget

That’s really just a drop in the ocean. It’s common for companies to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars behind each Facebook promotion. But for our client, it fit their needs perfectly because we understood their goals and target audience.

By employing these three aspects for creating successful Facebook promotions, you should rise above the noise in the average timeline in no time.

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