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Business is changing rapidly, especially for companies that sell exclusively to other businesses. B2B buying behavior has changed dramatically over the last decade—becoming much more self-reliant, research-oriented and sales-averse. Studies from the Corporate Executive Board Company reveal that today’s B2B buyers go through nearly 60% of the purchasing process before ever talking to a sales representative. Because of this, marketing efforts must be aimed at engaging B2B buyers as early in their own buying process as possible.

To conquer these challenges you need a partner that can integrate capabilities like public relations, advertising, collateral development, digital content and direct marketing with primary research, branding, graphic design and B2B lead generation programs.

Approaching 25 years of experience, Strother Communication Group is an effectively creative integrated marketing and public relations agency dedicated to strengthening brands and businesses by simplifying the complex array of today’s communications into actionable steps that get results.

Starting with our Brand Vision℠ process, we’ll create a brand identity for your company or product based on our proprietary Importance Performance Query (IPQ) research method. This creates both a strategic and tactical framework for developing, growing and elevating your brand while building authentic connections with your audience that never fails.

Simply put, we’ll find out what’s important to your brand and your customers and develop a universal strategy around your key messages and brand strengths. This integrated approach delivers results because all your efforts are built on the most effective messages and tactics.

Our approach to integrated marketing has worked for clients as diverse as IWCO Direct, RateLinx and the Yale Mechanical, and it can work for you. Check out some of our recent work, like the new Millerbernd Manufacturing and Wenger Performing Arts websites or our acclaimed University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development Vision 2020 blog.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

“As a busy business owner I didn’t have time to focus on our branding and communication messages. SCG has made it very easy, and it’s gotten us some amazing business opportunities. If you are looking for fast, profitable growth, I recommend working with SCG. They are a great marketing partner.”

Shannon Vaillancourt, President and Founder, RateLinx

“When I work with Strother Communications Group, I know that I will receive a professional, thoughtful approach to a project. Whether I need to conduct a research project, product launch strategy or develop a website, the team at SCG provides thorough planning and smart execution for a successful project.”

Stacy Hanson, Marketing & Communications Manager, Wenger Corporation

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Patrick Strother

Patrick founded Strother Communications Group (SCG) in 1992. His background is unique in that he has led both a public relations firm (Rowland Worldwide – Midwest) and an ad agency (Cevette and Company.) SCG was founded on the premise that […] Read Bio »


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