Go Local for Food and Photos

The movement to buy local is a great concept that can lead to lasting benefits. Contrary to what some people believe when they hear “buy local,” it’s not meant to persuade everyone to only consume products from hyper-local producers and shops, but merely to inform and introduce everyone to options in their own community.

I don’t go to farmers markets as often as I would like to and certainly don’t buy everything I need there. When I do go, however, I go for more than just food. I go for the unique experience that has been lost amidst supermarket chains. I go for the superior quality of their fresh produce, to learn more about the food and to meet the farmers. Most importantly, I go to take pride in knowing where my food came from, who made it and that I was able to contribute to farmers’ success. That said, the supermarket is always available when a trip to the farmers market is not in the cards.

The allure of cheap and easy stock photos and illustrations is a lot like the supermarket—almost impossible to resist on the most hectic of weeks. But have you ever considered the benefits of shopping locally for these images? We’re often too busy and confined by our budgets to get images the old-fashioned, face-to-face way. It can be rewarding to take a chance on something new and unique. Go check out something made locally instead of going straight to the online global supermarket. Think about making a connection with a local artist to create your one-of-a-kind personalized photo or illustration. It just might be the perfect way to visually (and uniquely) represent your brand or company.

You might even be surprised to find the price matches the quality. Take pride in knowing who your artist is and that they created the image from scratch to be totally customized for your brand. Best of all, you can feel good about contributing to a local artist’s success while cherishing the results!

Here are some websites to get you started on finding your favorite local artist to help with your next project:

Let me know in the comments if there are any other photographer and/or illustrator resources out there that I missed! Thanks for reading!

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