The Ins and Outs of Infographics

It seems like more than ever, relevant data-driven information (or just a bunch of stuff that you threw together from Wikipedia about Black Friday shopping trends) is being conveyed via infographics.

The information truly is the most important element of any project like this, but you also need to consider what  goes into the design and build of an infographic.

Lucky for us, Ivan Cash had that exact same question. So, he sourced and researched numerous infographics and compiled his findings in, you guessed it, an infographic.

Some points that I drew out of considering this:

  • Pick your spot: Make sure you are using the infographic in the appropriate arena. They seem to be most relevant to health, business and politics (most likely because these areas have a lot of stats and numbers to reinforce them).
  • Make it easy: The big reason why infographics are so easy to pass around/retweet is that they convey sometimes complex stats and info in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Big charts, titles and clearly delineated sections allow for easy reading and comprehension for a broad audience.
  • Pick the best title:  An engaging title is going to go a long way in getting you clicks and shares. Things like lists and comparisons make for an easier sell to someone scanning for just the right chunk of data.
  • Make it pop off the page: According to Ivan’s infographic, more than 50% of the infographics he analyzed use a light/neutral base color. This is most likely to allow the designer to use more stark and dramatic colors in charts and titles that will pull more people in because of the interesting contrast that is created. The great information will keep the viewer hooked.

Check out Ivan’s work here (and below), I know I’ll be thinking about some of this information next time I have choices to make when designing infographics. Cheers Ivan on the wonderful concept and execution.



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