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The Most Dangerous Writing App forces you to write - or erases your text

The Most Dangerous Writing App Will Cure Your Writer’s Block – Or Else!

By Matt Helgeson August 17, 2018

I wrote this blog in ten minutes. Or, more accurately, I wrote this blog in ten minutes after having my first two attempts erased by a new online writing app with a relentless twist: the Most Dangerous Writing App. This app was created by Manuel Ebert, a Silicon Valley tech writer and “chief sadist” who was looking to conquer writer’s block. His solution is cunning – and a little bit evil. Basically, it’s the writing version of the 1990s Keanu…

Writing with Style: Friendly Reminders on Why AP Style Matters in PR

By Phoebe Janisch August 16, 2018

As the realms of journalism and PR continue to evolve, so do the rules of writing and AP style. We may like to think that it’s the pure strength of our ideas and fabulous content that win the day, but the truth is that clarity and presentation are vital to help those ideas shine. For marketers, writing in AP style makes it easier to stay on the same page with readers and get our messages across. And, of course, readers…

The Creative Power of a DIY Mindset

By Trevor Nolte August 10, 2018

It’s easier than ever to find someone who can do something for you. But there’s value in DIY, too – more than the satisfaction of a job well done.

Headline Writing Tips to Kill Clickbait Once and For All – SCGPR

Tips for Writing a Great Headline (Because the World Could Always Use Less Shameless Clickbait)

By Jason Dafnis August 9, 2018

Don’t let a bad headline stand between your audiences and your message. We’ve got the headline writing tips to perfectly package any content.

Website Conversion Tips – SCGPR

Website Conversion Tips for When “Conversions” Aren’t Sales

By Kate Tichy August 3, 2018

E-commerce websites have a super easy way to tell if they’re doing their job effectively: tracking how many people hit that “Buy Now” button. But if your site isn’t actually selling your product or service directly online, you’ll need to think a bit harder about what you’ll track as a website conversion.

Millennials and Gen Z Marketing

I’m Not the Problem: Why Brands Can’t Bridge the Millennial/Gen Z Gap

By Phoebe Janisch July 27, 2018

Brands keep using millennial tactics on Generation Z audiences. There’s a big difference—and it could mean marketing success or failure.

Do I Need Content Strategy for My Small Website?

By Kate Tichy July 26, 2018

“Content strategy” is a hot buzzword in job postings these days, but most often you’ll find in-house content strategists at organizations like universities and companies with sprawling, thousand-page websites. Does that mean you don’t need to think about content strategy for your small, 20-page website? Sorry, nope! Let’s get into why.

"Over" or "More Than" – SCGPR

Nothing Matters Anymore Because You Can Use “Over” Instead of “More Than”

By Jason Dafnis July 20, 2018

The debate between using “over” or “more than” for measurement rages on – but which is better for your copywriting? Is the whole enterprise built on pedantic folly?

Tips for Google Ads

Three Tips for Success in Google Ads

By Logan Lafferty July 19, 2018

Of all the approaches to marketing available today, Google Ads offers perhaps the most robust and detail-oriented tools to get your message in front of consumers’ eyes. Here’s how to get started.

cost of fireworks displays

If You Knew the Cost of Fireworks Displays, You Might Appreciate Them A Little More

By Jeron Udean July 13, 2018

Like many of you, I spent last Wednesday watching a 4th of July fireworks display with my family. “Like many of you,” that is, unless you were planning to watch them in St. Paul, which made headlines by canceling this year’s show due to budget concerns.