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Create Internal Communications Design They Won’t Want to Throw Away

By Trevor Nolte April 22, 2019
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B2B marketers know that standing out is easier said than done. But what about when your audience is your own company?

The Secret Lives of B2B Marketers

By Pat Henning Strother April 18, 2019

I recently blogged that no matter what you do, you have a culture so it might as well be a good one. SCG has worked purposefully to have a good one, and it is remarkable to see how our agency culture gels around our six core values (Knowledge, Creativity, Putting Others First, Partnership, Mentoring and Nimble). The most amazing part to me is that my colleagues embrace these values in their lives outside of work too.

What’s the Best CMS for Website Development? – IWCO Direct

WordPress vs. Craft vs. Drupal – How to Pick the Best CMS for Your Website

By Brian Larson April 11, 2019

The SCG web team loves web content management systems, and we always select the best CMS for the project. Budget, needs, features and other requirements all need to be addressed before we make our recommendation.

The Value in Corporate Values – SCG

Free Money: Discover the Value in Employee Communications and Corporate Values

By Pat Henning Strother April 8, 2019

Employee communications and corporate culture can bring 20% more profit by increasing retention and engagement. The first step is setting corporate values.

Freddie Mercury, Graphic Designer? How the Singer Gave Queen an Identity Beyond the Music

By Trevor Nolte April 4, 2019

The Queen logo, designed by lead singer Freddie Mercury, is as much a rock icon as the band itself. Here’s why it’s lasted more than 40 years.

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What Not to Put in Your Corporate Newsletter

By Kate Tichy April 1, 2019

Avoid these corporate newsletter “don’ts” to make sure you send the right messages with your internal communications.

Digital Billboards to Combat Commuter Anxiety

Using Data & Digital Billboards to Combat Commuter Anxiety

By Logan Lafferty March 28, 2019

We’ve all experienced at least some degree of stress and anxiety when commuting on public transportation. I’ll go so far as to claim it’s an impossible thing to avoid. But the metro system in Stockholm, Sweden, is trying to do something about it.

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The Power of Listening in Creating Corporate Values

By Matt Helgeson March 25, 2019

SCG’s CEO and founder Patrick Strother has years of experience in helping companies create corporate values that reflect their brand goals and help foster a positive internal culture. While many companies talk a good game about their values, too often these “values” are just words that have little to do with the day-to-day realities of serving the business’ customers. Real Corporate Values Reflect Reality Many companies’ stated values are at odds with their actual culture and business goals. Values shouldn’t…

B2B Content Marketing for Loyalty – SCGPR

Only 54% of B2Bs Use Content Marketing to Build Loyalty. Don’t Be Part of the 46%

By Jason Dafnis March 21, 2019

Not using content marketing for loyalty efforts just because you’re B2B? That’s a missed opportunity.

Compelling Presentation for Competitive Research

Creating a Compelling Presentation for Competitive Research

By Logan Lafferty March 18, 2019

As my colleague Jason pointed out last week, competitive research is the foundation to move your company forward. It lets you know how you stand out among your industry peers and ways you can improve your offering to claim more market share. The next step in your competitive research journey is to present your findings in a compelling way that—to quote Will Ferrell—“gets the people going.” Don’t Skimp on Appearance Come to the presentation like you’re showing up for a…