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SCG Named One of the Top PPC Agencies in Minneapolis by Expertise.com

By Pat Henning Strother October 28, 2019
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Among our many capabilities we draw on to help our customers stand out and attract new customers, digital advertising has a seat between content marketing and web development – so it was nice to be recognized by Expertise.com as one of the top PPC agencies in Minneapolis!

9 steps to great b2b content

9 Simple Steps to Great Content for Your B2B Blog

By Pat Henning Strother July 22, 2019

The argument for using content marketing for B2B companies is no longer an argument at all. Last week we shared that nearly all B2B buyers research extensively online as part of their purchase process. Once they narrow their choices, nearly half of these buyers view 3-5 pieces of content, often from a company’s blog, before engaging with a sales rep. (In our next post we’ll talk about the full range of content marketing options.) What is up for discussion is…

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The Importance of Supporting Your Brand Through B2B Content Marketing

By Logan Lafferty July 15, 2019

According to a 2014 State of B2B Procurement study, 94% of B2B buyers research extensively online as part of their purchase process. They’ll go through Google searches, check business websites, visit aggregate list sites and read user reviews all before making their final decision. One of the best ways for your company to show up in front of your target audience during that online search process is through content marketing. Using content marketing to support your brand is a crucial…

Working Collaboratively with Clients on Branding

By Robby Cecil June 3, 2019
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Working collaboratively is part of our culture here at SCG, and we relish opportunities to make great work in true partnership with our clients. The branding process is no different, and in fact it’s one of the more collaborative services we offer. Bringing Everything to the Table Almost everyone has ideas of what they’d like to see in their branding. When you engage SCG for branding, we want you to bring us those ideas – because we will bring our…

Why Award Submissions are Important

By Pat Henning Strother May 14, 2019

SCG was honored with three Minnesota PRSA 2019 Classics Awards: Special Purpose Publications, Media Relations and Internal Communications.

Corporate Social Media Is Actually Awesome if You Use It Right

By Ryan Strother May 2, 2019

Corporate social media marketing should be more about serving your audience and fostering connection than self-promotion.

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How to Differentiate Your Brand

By Patrick Strother April 29, 2019

SCG helps clients differentiate their brands along three levels of product, which helps them realize and leverage their competitive advantages.

Create Internal Communications Design They Won’t Want to Throw Away

By Trevor Nolte April 22, 2019
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B2B marketers know that standing out is easier said than done. But what about when your audience is your own company?

The Secret Lives of B2B Marketers

By Pat Henning Strother April 18, 2019

I recently blogged that no matter what you do, you have a culture so it might as well be a good one. SCG has worked purposefully to have a good one, and it is remarkable to see how our agency culture gels around our six core values (Knowledge, Creativity, Putting Others First, Partnership, Mentoring and Nimble). The most amazing part to me is that my colleagues embrace these values in their lives outside of work too.

What’s the Best CMS for Website Development? – IWCO Direct

WordPress vs. Craft vs. Drupal – How to Pick the Best CMS for Your Website

By Brian Larson April 11, 2019

The SCG web team loves web content management systems, and we always select the best CMS for the project. Budget, needs, features and other requirements all need to be addressed before we make our recommendation.