Using Video More Strategically in Social Media Marketing

Video presents a uniquely compelling opportunity to amplify your social media presence. But when the topic of video comes up, people too often think the ultimate outcome is for a well-conceived video to go “viral.” This tactical mentality misses the strategic opportunity video presents to strengthen your overall marketing effort.

A more strategic way to think about the role of video in your marketing is turn to your key marketing objectives for guidance.

For example, while standalone viral videos can create massive exposure, they often lead to no real substantive action. So if your goal is awareness rather than trial, you may have partially achieved it, depending on how well it actually reached your intended audience.

But if your goal is specific action, the video may have only achieved a small but important first step in the consumer adoption process – awareness. Another way to think of this: your video was efficient, but not effective. I wrote a blog on the importance of cumulative effective in direct marketing that addresses this important concept more specifically.

What you as a marketer should be most concerned with in producing video content is that it is designed to resonate with your key audiences and drive specific desired behaviors. A clear and compelling call to action is more important in developing your video than achieving millions of views with no real objective result. Another important criteria is that the best videos generally create a user experience that can’t be duplicated by words alone. Video is the closest thing we have in social media marketing to face-to-face contact.

A simple way to prioritize the integration of video into your overall marketing strategy is to stay disciplined to creating content that is most relevant to your own audience. This relevance can take the form of “how-to” tips or testimonials showing a specific attribute of the product, such as ease of use. It can also be designed to simply inform, with the goal of creating interest.

When tied to specific objectives, social media and video make a powerful combination. Video and other social media and marketing tactics work more efficiently and effectively when they are integrated as part of a clear strategy designed to achieve your marketing objectives. Together these integrated tools can address a wide range of marketing goals, including building awareness, generating interest, improving search engine rankings, relationship building, branding, engagement, trial, sales and ultimately loyalty.

If you haven’t experimented much with video, here is an excellent blog with 29 tips from Social Media Examiner’s writing staff on how to make video marketing easy.

What video marketing tips do you have to share?

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-Patrick Strother

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